Big Screen Display Solutions

A lot of today’s large screen TVs are still too small for some people. The solution? Convert your home and business discussion space into a bonafide medium screen theater with one of these video projection screens. These screens are perfect for any purpose – whether having a movie marathon or presentation purposes – making it perfect for home theater fanatics. And most of these projector screens offer even up to a whopping 150-inch size screen and offer unique multimedia viewing experience. They also come in wide array of models both for indoor and outdoor use. Projector screens can also be permanently installed – such as the ones in movie theaters. So take your home theatre projector and one of these large screens and elevate your home viewing potential.

Recreate the large screen projection experience that you love through this durable portable screen. It is made out of a PVC composite resin for capturing only the light shining from the projector. This material is ideal for capturing enhanced colors and high-resolution images too. Its black and white screen materials eliminate the penetration of any light.